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American and International Style Dancing - Competition


We begin to teach the American competitive style in the “Silver American” advanced level classes. In both the American and International competitive styles, the difficulty of steps is categorized by a medal category, with Bronze being basic, Silver intermediate and Gold advanced. Silver American means that the step patterns used in these classes are drawn from the Silver level of steps in the syllabus (the syllabus is a list of steps appropriate to each medal level), or even beyond. The American competitive style is considered more expressive and theatrical than the International competitive style. The partners are allowed to break away from each other, and there is room for interpretive, creative movement. While International competitive dancers also strive to achieve interpretation of the mood of the dance through their movements, the emphasis is on the meticulous attention to technical details, and competitors in the Modern (Ballroom) dances cannot break or alter the “perfect” hold of each other that they create at the beginning of the dance.