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Wilson Gutierrez


Wilson Gutierrez "El Bailarin"

DanceSport Instructor


Wilson Gutierrez, also known as Wilson "El bailarin" is an instructor of latin dance. A zumba instructor with big talent, charisma and a big personality that with a lot of dedication and effort became a latin dance instructor. He was born in "La Arada Goascoran" Valley, in Honduras.

Music has been a passion to Wilson from an early age. It means passion and soul to him. Wilson "El Bailarin" started dancing at a early age, He loves to dance and he is a very social person.

Wilson is a latin dance instructor who teaches six different kinds of style, such as:

Bachata, Cumbia, Merengue, Punta, Reggaeton , and Salsa.

He has been featured on TV teaching, dancing at Telemundo, colleges, as well as being published on newspapers and much more...