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Paul & Eleny


In the mid seventies Paul Pellicoro was part of the New York club scene which had reached new heights of popularity with the emergence of disco music and the dance it gave birth to, the Hustle. The Hustle transformed Paul along with the rest of world as it ignited an interest in partner dancing in pop culture, seducing Paul even further to study American and International Style Ballroom Dance. Paul’s talent would soon allow him to work at numerous studios until 1985 when he opened the doors to his own studio with the goal of introducing partner dancing to popular as well as traditional culture, taking a more contemporary approach than previously seen in the Ballroom world.

Paul emphasized social dance as well as competitive style and street style dances such as Hustle and Salsa, and was instrumental at introducing New York to an authentic style known as Argentine Tango, expanding the scope of the Ballroom scene.

Paul has extensive film experience both as a performer and choreographer. In the early 90’s he came to national attention when he trained Academy Award winner Al Pacino for his sizzling tango scene in the hit movie, “Scent of a Woman”.

In 1995 Paul founded the Partner Dance Educational Fund, a not-for-profit organization with a stated mission to bring partner dancing to a wider public. Currently, the Fund sponsors free dance workshops in New York City public schools and private spaces

Today Paul Pellicoro’s DanceSport is New York’s largest Latin & Ballroom Dance Studio, and is host to celebrity clients, dance television shows, as well as social and competitive dancers of all ages. The studio is world renowned for preserving the art of partner and social dancing through all its forms.