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Group Class Rates

One Course *
Four Classes $129
*two courses includes unlimited Practice Party Card (Mon-Thurs 9:30 practice parties)

Two Courses
Eight classes $159

Three Courses
Twelve classes $198

Four Courses
Sixteen classes $249

Frequent Dancer
Unlimited $298

Level 1 & All Levels classes only $199

Single Class $35
- No school benefits

$15 Registration Fee Applied to:

  • First-time students
  • Students registering after 5pm, fourth Saturday of the cycle.

The Practice Party Card
The Practice Party Card gives you access to all Studio Practice Parties and the 8:30pm pre-party class.

  • $140 per cycle
  • Free with purchase of Two or more Group Courses or with any Private Lesson Package.

Benefits to Two Group Classes or more include:

  • Free Admission to Pre-Party Class each Thursday.
  • Unlimited nightly practice parties.
  • Attendance to Guest Night and Professional Showcase 
  • Discounted rates for special parties


1) All group classes are 55 minutes, and run on a 4-week cycle.

2) Frequent Dancer package: classes you expect to attend must be specified BEFORE cycle begins.

3) No freezes or carry-overs permitted.

4) Students may not enter a class more than 15 minutes late.

5) Students may only enter ALL LEVELS group classes after the second week of the cycle.

For special college student discounts, please call 212-307-1111