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Group Class Schedule

To see classes scheduled for specific days of the week, click the menu items directly at the top of the schedule. For further information on the instructors listed for the classes, select their names from the pulldown menus on the right.

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Be sure to fill out all required information, as your registration will not be complete without it.


Group Class Rates

One Course *
Four Classes $129
*two courses includes unlimited Practice Party Card (Mon-Thurs 9:30 practice parties)

Two Courses
Eight classes $159

Three Courses
Twelve classes $198

Four Courses
Sixteen classes $249

Frequent Dancer
Unlimited $298

Level 1 & All Levels classes only $199

Single Class $35
- No school benefits

$15 Registration Fee Applied to:

  • First-time students
  • Students registering after 5pm, fourth Saturday of the cycle.

The Practice Party Card
The Practice Party Card gives you access to all Studio Practice Parties and the 8:30pm pre-party class.

  • $140 per cycle
  • Free with purchase of Two or more Group Courses or with any Private Lesson Package.

Benefits to Two Group Classes or more include:

  • Free Admission to Pre-Party Class each Thursday.
  • Unlimited nightly practice parties.
  • Attendance to Guest Night and Professional Showcase 
  • Discounted rates for special parties


1) All group classes are 55 minutes, and run on a 4-week cycle.

2) Frequent Dancer package: classes you expect to attend must be specified BEFORE cycle begins.

3) No freezes or carry-overs permitted.

4) Students may not enter a class more than 15 minutes late.

5) Students may only enter ALL LEVELS group classes after the second week of the cycle.

For special college student discounts, please call 212-307-1111



alt Group Classes
  • DanceSport offers over 80 group classes per week in all styles of partner dancing and at all levels!
  • Our 55-minute Group Classes give students a chance to learn new dance moves in an environment where you can practice your steps before hitting the dance floor.
  • We work on a rotation basis which means it’s never necessary to have a partner to learn any of the dances because we frequently rotate partners during each class.
  • Class sizes vary, but the average is 10-20 people.
  • Each Course consists of four classes over a four-week period. Students register for a specific class that will be held the same time each week with the same instructor. You may join a Group Course during the first two weeks of classes only.
  • Group classes are identified by levels.
  • Group Classes must be completed during the four week cycle and may not be carried over from one month to another. However, if any classes are missed during the cycle, you can register for make up classes that are available during the same cycle.

For information regarding class rates, select "Rates" from the above menu or click here.